Hello and welcome to a website devoted to amateur cycling, and racing, with a little different flavor and perspective to the racing bit.  If you’ve been in the sport of cycling, and also entered the world of racing – and like it there – then you might enjoy some of what I have to offer here.

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The name of the site is called “Eternal Cat 3″, but the “eternal” portion of that title was a bit of an exaggeration – I managed to get my Cat 2 upgrade in March of 2014.  If your USA Cycling racing license says Road Category 3, you’ve gotten yourself into the sport of bike racing and worked your way up to the limbo level of rank-and-file amateur bike racing in the USA.  You can ride a bicycle sort of fast, for more than a few minutes.  Nice.

So now what?  Well, I created this website, and blog, as a place on the internet for all of us “sort-of-fast” bike riders to collectively leave our thoughts.  I do have some training advice, a few race tactics I’ve picked up, and of course an entire section devoted to Beer, Wine and Food – my second favorite past times after cycling. Also, please check out the website for the team I ride for, Scarlet Fire Racing.

No matter what level you’re at, no matter the type of riding/racing you do, check this out, please leave a comment (good or bad), and hopefully come away with a different way of thinking about this beautiful sport.

The Sufferfest: Downloadable cycling workout videos.